Second skin for your food products.

Skin pack, or skin packaging, is a type of carded packaging where a product is placed on a piece of paperboard or in trays, and a thin sheet of transparent plastic is placed over the product and paperboard or trays. It can be used for a wide variety of products like meat, cheese, seafood, etc. Skin packaging technology produces a vacuum pack that protects the product and fits around it like a second skin (That explains the name). Packaging film encapsulates the product like a second skin, securing it tightly but free of tension and without affecting the product’s shape.

Second skin for your food products.

Skin pack. Why is it so good?

Even though skin packaging is known for a few years now, food producers were hesitant to use it. The reason is that consumers are used to seeing fresh meats, poultry, and seafood presented with a top seal over a deeper tray because that is how it has always been. With skin the outer packaging looks almost invisible — the top film is pulled onto the product tightly, eliminating nearly all package atmosphere. This is a great advantage of skin packaging as it guarantees maximum shelf-life while the product shape is well maintained without any liquid leakage.

Recent developments in skin packaging

Luckily, this situation is now changing toward greater acceptance due to newer films that can accommodate products of different shapes, high protrusions, and sharp edges. And with the ability to skin pack with paperboard, there is an expanded range of applications and options for this type of packaging. Production companies do not stop on the achieved success and keep developing more environmentally friendly options for both films and trays.

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