Perfect cake slices with ultrasonic cutting technology

Cutting a cake in pieces can be a pretty nerve wrecking task no matter how proficient you are with a knife. Because cake sticks to the knife blade, there is a risk of pieces crumbling apart. Also, messing up cream or frosting can make the final slices look far from good. This is where ultrasonic cutting technology can turn out to be a real life saver.

Perfect cake slices with ultrasonic cutting technology

How does ultrasonic cutting technology work?

Many of us are familiar with ultrasound from the biomedical industry, but its powerful effect has led scientists to test this acoustic energy also in food processing. Ultrasonic cutting technology uses a transducer that converts energy into mechanical vibrations, which are then transmitted to the knife blade. When the knife comes in contact with the food, it vibrates so quickly that is impossible for the product to stick to it, preventing the cake from crumbling apart. Because the ingredients do not stick to the knife at all, microbial growth is reduced, and hygiene is improved when used in a production line. Ultrasonic cutting can help to produce uniformly cut pretty looking cakes more efficiently while reducing food waste.

Ultrasonic blades for a bakery or cake production plant

Thanks to the different cutting modes of single or double blades, different shapes and sizes are available depending on your cake size and shape and ingredients. By rotating, the knife can cut circular or rectangular products into triangular, rectangular, or square pieces. Just place your cake under the ultrasonic blade and choose the shape you desire via the touch screen panel. It will make your slice perfect and even and is used in small bakeries as well as by larger scale producers in an inline solution. See below a cool video of Cheersonics ultrasonic cutting machine while cutting a cake in 60 cuts per minute.