Packaging options for chocolates

Usually, chocolates that you can find in the store are packed in one of two ways. Options one: First a layer of aluminum foil and then a decorative paper or carton box or envelope that fits over the whole bar. Option two: Plastic flow pack that can be used either as the first layer in combination with decorative paper or as the only packaging.

Packaging options for chocolates

Customers demand ecological

These two types of packaging were used for a long time and perfectly fit the purpose. Nevertheless, with the rise of ecological awareness consumers are more and more looking for sustainable alternatives. As plastic packaging is complicated to recycle, chocolate manufacturers are looking for alternatives. They need to have a substitution to traditional aluminum foil and PET films that would have similar technical characteristics, be safe in direct contact with food, and also visually pleasing.

What are the options?

Modern equipment allows using various packaging materials that chocolate producers might use in their search for a perfect pack. The inner layer packaging layer can be made from aluminum foil, biodegradable film, transparent film, or any other material that blocks fat and can be folded. At the same time in order to make the bar more visually pleasing producer can choose to use a second layer: paper or cardboard.