Infrared heating and drying organic herbs and spices

Herbs and spices play an important role in seasoning and preserving food when it comes to the increasing demand for tasteful and aromatic food products. To prolong the shelf life of herbs and spices and retain their characteristics such as taste, aroma, colour, dehydration is a commonly used method to reduce moisture content and inhibit the growth of microorganisms of fresh plants. However, industrially dried herbs and spices production is oftentimes faced with the challenge of quality e.g. lack of fresh-like aroma characteristics when it is compared with fresh herbs and spices.

Infrared heating and drying organic herbs and spices

Challenges of drying herbs and spices

Many drying techniques are available on the market with recent innovative development such as solar-hot air drying and microwave-vacuum drying in order to tackle the challenges of long drying time and high drying temperature. Infrared drying is one of the techniques that allows for a gentle drying process to maintain and improve the flavours and colours of herbs and spices. Infrared light can be automatically adjusted according to the product temperature, assuring no overheating occurs. Thus, sensitive herbs and spices can retain the volatile oil and aroma compounds.

All-natural process

Infrared heating and drying herbs and spices does not require gas or chemical, which is ideal for organic processing. Whether you are producing spices or herbs, this infrared dryer can help to retain flavours and natural properties of your product through gentle handling with infrared light. In the meanwhile, infrared dryers make sure that insects and larvaes are killed without damaging the protein properties. Its features such as no cross-contamination and easy-to-clean distinguish infrared roasting and coating dryer from other drying methods.

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