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Advanced High Pressure Homogenization technology is capable of reducing particle size into the single-digit nanometer. It is used to obtain smaller, more uniform particle size or achieve a cell lysis.

High Pressure Homogenization technology is used in different industries:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Particle size plays an important role in the dissolution rate of a drug. Moreover, reduced particle size allows medications such as creams, lotions, and oily substances to absorb into the skin more rapidly.

The homogenization process helps to disrupt the cell, reduce the particle size and to make emulsions. Therefore, most of the pharmaceutical products, especially injections, vaccines, drugs, anesthetics and antibiotics require to use High Pressure Homogenizers.

Biopharmaceutical Industry

In biopharmaceutical industry it is crucial to produce modified vaccines, recombinant proteins, medicine that will not cause any side effect.
This is where high pressure homogenization method can help to achieve particle size reduction and cell lysis. Moreover, it can help to create the combination of components required for more effective production results.

Food Industry

High pressure processing equipment enables food producers to retain the color, flavor and nutrition values of the products and improve texture. This process can help to create a balance between customers satisfaction and their required nutritious consumption.
High pressure pasteurization process helps to kill many microorganisms found in milk by heating milk up and then quickly cooling it down. This process allows the products to stay fresh longer, which can therefore be shipped greater distances. High pressure homogenization technology allows to mix milk from different herds of cows and filter out fat, resulting in various types of milk.

Chemical Industry

For chemical industry, homogenization process can help to reduce particles and create more consistent emulsions and dispersion. As a result, it can contribute to laboratory capabilities expansion and create more diverse reactions.

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