High grade coffee bean separation

With the demand for premium coffee and specialty coffee on the rise, coffee manufacturers are paying special attention to their coffee production, from harvesting to roasting, in order to achieve the highest quality. Coffee bean separation is one of the important steps during coffee production. It helps to improve the appearance of coffee beans and subsequently their value.

High grade coffee bean separation

Common methods for separating coffee beans

Metal detection or magnetic separation is often used to separate metallic contaminants from coffee beans. This ensures that no metallic parts enter into the next production steps such as grinding and roasting. However, post-harvest processing requires coffee manufacturers to filter out non-metallic contaminants, such as plastic, rubber, and stone. Therefore, a high-grade screening technology is needed to improve the product purity and quality of coffee beans. One of the leading technologies, screening sieve is proved to be an effective solution to accurate separation in the coffee industry.

Benefits of screening sieves

Screening sieves are not only able to manage high capacity production, but also help to reduce product wastage in comparison with metal detectors. Screening sieves cover a wider range of contaminants as well when it comes to separating coffee beans. Moreover, it is easy to be implemented in existing production and line as well as to maintain thanks to its compact designs.

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