Fill 12 tons of margarine into boxes every hour

Bag-in-box packaging helps maintain the freshness and quality of edible fats products by eliminating the products’ contact with air, and with cartons outside during transportation. The packaging solution is ideal for handling a bulk of edible fats products such as margarine.

Fill 12 tons of margarine into boxes every hour

Packaging selection for margarine

Edible oil and fat are extensively used in human diet due to their contributions to nutrition, vitamins, and essential fatty acids for human bodies. The edible oils and their processed products such as margarine are often added to food products as ingredients. Therefore, it is important that the packaging materials of the edible oil and fats are non-toxic while ensuring the product won’t go wrong during the transportation process.

Packaging margarine with bag-in-box technology

When packaging the margarine with the bag-in-box solution, the bag will protect the margarine to directly touch the cartons outside and minimized the products’ contact with air, reducing the risk of contamination and extend the shelf-lives of the products. When filling the bulk of margarine into buckets or boxes, the automated solution provides the capability of filling 12 tons of margarine per hour.