Tablet press for salt

Salt can cause rapid deterioration of materials over time, resulting in rusted or corroded parts. During the manufacturing process of salt tablets, an environment with high hygienic conditions is required. A tablet press must also have characteristics that resist corrosion when exposed to salt products. Otherwise, this can affect production speed and increase costs.

High-speed rotary pressing machine for salt tablets

The P100, Salt Tablet Press from Eurotab Bonals, is a high-speed pressing system designed explicitly for salt tablet applications. The system features a specifically forced feeder to accommodate various types of salt. It can produce tablet sizes of up to 29mm in diameter and up to 20mm thick with a production capacity of over 3 tons per hour. It has a small footprint that can fit in most existing plant layouts. Maintenance and changeover are done through access doors. The machine is equipped with a smart touch panel control for easy operation and production monitoring.


  • High output (over 3 tons per hour)
  • Easy operation
  • Quick access for changeover and maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Corrosion resistance