Sunflower seeds frying line

The market for fried in-shell seeds as snacks is growing. If you are a small-scale food factory or a large producer, a simple and economical solution is needed to cash in on this market. A flexible and effective way of producing a high quality product is optimal frying oil handling and heat treatment for the seeds.

High product quality for your local demand

Kuipers’ complete processing lines for various snacks are designed as a turnkey project and incorporated into a mainframe with two sidebars which gives the entire fryer plant a clean and safe design.

The sunflower seeds frying line is configured to ensure optimal heat distribution and heat treatment regardless of the type of snack you wish to process. This ensures the lowest possible Free Fatty Acid development and frying oil turnover time. It is especially designed with low heat load heat exchangers combined with constant removal of the dirt allowing the quality of the frying oil to remain adequate much longer than other conventional systems. This oil can then be used for a longer time period which saves processing costs drastically. It is also equipped with a centralised control panel which is embedded into a computer program and continuously communicates with the other control boards, thus checking and controlling all the process parameters.

The frying oil in the fryer can be heated either with thermal oil or electrical elements. The continuous frying lines can be customised and applied to process other snacks like onion, mash potato products, peanuts, shrimp crackers, mini croutons, samosas or corn nuts to cater to the local demands.


  • Maintains safety and good hygiene
  • Reduces overall operational costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be customised according to the snack
  • Turnkey delivery worldwide