Steam-in-place bioreactor systems

Scaling-up from a laboratory scale to pilot plant and small scale production can be simplified with a consistent bioreactor design and the scalable control solutions. Depending on your desired output, you can choose between a bench scale or pilot plant systems.

Scale up with consistent bioreactor design

Getinge Applikon’s concept of modularity (using standard modules to customize the functions of the bioreactor) is extended to the stainless steel pilot plant bioreactors as well. For scaling-up purposes the range of the Bio Bench and Pilot Systems, designed and built to the latest standards on hygienic processing and CGMP and GAMP validation requirements, complements the laboratory-scale bioreactor systems.

Getinge Applikon offers CIP systems ranging from fully manual control to fully automated. The Standardized Steam-in-place bioreactor systems are available with approximately 140-liters volume and custom-built units can be supplied up to 2,000 liters total volume.


  • Ideal for plant growth, to achieve better efficiency in the response of plants
  • Small footprint guarantees minimal amount of bench space occupied by the system
  • All systems are fully documented for cGMP usage and are supplied with an extensive documentation package to support validation
  • Standard design for R&D
  • Direct scale-up from the lab scale