Small-scale bioreactor controller

When you are working with small bioreactors, starting from 50 ml volumes, you need a good insight and an easy adjustment of pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Foam/Level and Agitation.

Control system for small-scale bioreactors

MyControl from Getinge Applikon is the most advanced controller available for small-scale bioreactors, compatible with bioreactors ranging from 50 mL to 2,700 mL (working volume), and is easily convertible between microbial and cell culture configurations.

The built-in software interface allows you to access with a web browser via computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can manage your entire laboratory with ease.

It is pre-configured and ready to use. Adding additional control loops, sensors, actuators, or external I/O is also fast and easy, so you will receive a system that meets your exact process specifications! Moreover, it is modular, so you can change your configuration options in the future as your experimental objectives.

One control system can control: 250 ml up to 1000 ml MiniBio bioreactors, 1L up to 3 liter Autoclavable bioreactors, 3 liter Cellready single use bioreactors.


  • PID and autotuning adaptive control
  • Operation via web browser , iPod, iPhone or iPad
  • USB connection for Biomass or Fluorophore pH and DO