Small chocolate enrober

Do you have a small-scale production environment but need the highest quality of enrobing? Higher quality enrobers have traditionally only been available for more extensive volume lines, making them impractical and too expensive for smaller-scale use. Instead, you need a small chocolate enrober that works to your scale and budget yet offers built-in flexibility and the highest quality.

Fast, flexible, and easy enrober for quality results in small scale production

The Babyflex enrober is specifically designed to bring high performance to small production volumes. Offering a compact 320mm bandwidth and 1500mm take-off table, the Babyflex is light, portable, and easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

The built-in shaking table ensures a smooth and uniform coating at all times, and the Babyflex can handle chocolate, compound, and sugar coatings, providing you with excellent flexibility.

The Aasted Nielsen Baby Flex can perform total, partial, bottoming, and combination enrobing jobs. It’s constructed entirely of hygienic stainless steel and is simple to clean and maintain.


  • Practical form factor for smaller-scale production but no compromises on speed and quality
  • Fast disassembly and cleaning minimizes downtime and speeds up product changes
  • Built-in shaking table ensures consistent smooth enrobing
  • Ideal for smaller, more delicate items in production or to enhance your product design and testing lab