Single use bioreactor Hyclone

A single-use bioreactor is a bioreactor with a disposable vessel for culture of cells, instead of a glass culture vessel, containing fewer parts compared with conventional bioreactors, so the initial purchasing and maintenance costs are reduced.

Bioreactor vessel with single-use contact surfaces for mixing

Getinge Applikon is an authorized integrator for the HyClone S.U.B. bioreactors. The Hyclone is a fully functional and unique tank bioreactor mixing system which provides overhead mixing while maintaining sterility and integrity. A re-usable outer support container also provides a mixer motor, heating/cooling, control unit for integration with an external control system and a mobile skid.

This bioreactor operating system enables to set-up and the application of your processes in a reduced time-to-market, going from R+D to production in the shortest time.

The main features of this unique equipment are scalability, for both larger and smaller volume systems for research and process development; alternative Sparging, the product is also supplied with an open pipe and (optional) micro porous “frit”.

Single-use Non-invasive Sensors, like the ez-Control is capable of measuring both classical sensors for pH and Dissolved Oxygen as well as Fluorophore type sensors.

The combination of ez-Control and HyClone S.U.B. offers the advantages of Single-Use Processing.


  • No cleaning or sterilization (apart from the monitoring probes)
  • Reduced turn around and set-up times
  • Minimal validation
  • Reduced investment and running costs
  • Increased flexibility of manufacturing capacity