Single-use bioreactor CellReady 3L

A single-use bioreactor is quite simply a bioreactor with disposable vessel for culture of cells, instead of a glass culture vessel, containing fewer parts compared with conventional bioreactors, this way the initial purchasing and maintenance costs are reduced.

3 liter single-use stirred tank bioreactor

The Single-use bioreactor CellReady 3L, from Getinge Applikon is a stirred tank bioreactor platform that works by eliminating the cleaning process, it is disposable, autoclave and assembles your traditional glass bioreactors, saving you downtime days, which sometimes represent quite a setback at the initial scale-up stage, due to the limited data available.

This Single-use bioreactor CellReady 3L, allows you to focus on experimentation and data analysis, getting you to faster conclusions.

The control system is formed by the standard Getinge Applikon ez-Controller, configured for a cell culture application, it measures and controls pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO).


  • Is the first, single-use 3L stirred tank bioreactor
  • Comes pre-assembled and gamma irradiated
  • Is compatible with your existing controller using our motor adaptor
  • Has a familiar, rigid tank design , no bags needed
  • Just take it off the shelf and start your experiment