Single-use bioreactor Appliflex

A single-use bioreactor is a bioreactor with a disposable bag instead of a culture vessel, containing fewer parts compared with conventional bioreactors, so the initial purchasing and maintenance costs in the R+D process are reduced.

Rocking Single-Use Bioreactors from 10 up to 50 liter volume

The Single-use bioreactor Appliflex, from Getinge Applikon is a flexible bag bioreactor ideal for cell culture, specially the growth of animal cells like CHO cells, Hybridoma cell lines and insect cells like Sf-9, Sf-21 cells, also excellent working for the seeding of pre-seeding for larger cell cultivation systems.

Offering reliable measurement and control in rocking Single-Use Bioreactors from 10 up to 50-liter volume. The bag and sensors (pH, dissolved oxygen, T) are designed for single-use, in compliance with CE guidelines.

The control system (pH, DO, T, rpm) is formed by the standard Getinge Applikon ez-Control, which guarantees real-time measurement of pH, DO, T and rocking speed.


  • Accurate control of pH, DO, T, rocking speed
  • Data logging & SCADA (21CFR part 11) available
  • Working volume 5, 10, 25L
  • Oxygen transfer increased by increasing the rocking rate and the angle of the bioreactor bag
  • Lower shear stress levels than in stirred cell culture bioreactors