Semi-automated multipack machine

Combining the output of different bagmakers into one multipack is done mostly manually in the food and snack industry. Sorting the products and allocating them into mixed multipacks can be time-consuming and should be organized efficiently to keep your production up to speed.

Pack your bags efficiently into neatly aligned multipacks

The Speed pack from Jongerius Hanco can create a wide range of multipacks depending on your product and size requirements. A conveyor belt transports the products from the bagmakers to the Speedpack, where workers manually place the products into the desired pattern. These grouped products are then automatically packed into a multipack. The Speedpack’s continuous workflow results in a steady outcome of multipacks compared to manually packing. Besides an increased production speed, fewer workers are needed for the same output of multipacks.

Jongerius Hanco offers three types of Semi-Automated multipack machines: the Multipack, the Speedpack II, and the Speedpack XXL, depending on required production speed and bag size.


  • Multipacks with different flavor’s
  • Cutting labor and costs
  • Steady output of multipacks
  • Increase in production speed