Robot palletizer for liquid containers

With ever shorter product life-cycles, varying packing sizes, batch manufacturing and new product designs, manual packing and palletizing simply cannot keep up with demand. A robot palletiser offers the flexibility and reliability you need to stay productive and competitive.

Invest in flexibility for your palletizing line

The Pegasus line of robot palletizers from OCME come with multiple gripping system or layer grippers to pick up a complete layer of packs, capable of handling packs such as bundles, cartons, crates, multipacks, drums, etc., with output speeds of up to 7 cycles/minute.

The structure of the robotic island may be tailored according to the type of container to be handled, the speed of the production line and the accessory operations that the robot must carry out (for example, empty pallet infeed, insertion of layer pads).


  • OCME patented designs ensure that the Centre of the layer does not drop out
  • Gripping heads with layer pad and slip sheet handling options
  • Software to assist with and simplify introduction of new palletizing patterns
  • Rapid changeover between patterns
  • Remote diagnostics and assistance available