Portable IBC washer

The thorough cleaning of bulk containers and other storage and processing equipment is a vital step in the production of all high quality pharmaceutical products. By changing from a manual cleaning process to using an automatic high pressure washer you can save considerable amounts of water and detergent use, as well as reducing manpower requirements, delivering top cleaning performance.

High Pressure washer with complete mobility and low water consumption

The M-LINE High Pressure Mobile Washer from IWT Pharma has been created specifically for the washing of all product-contact parts and containers use in pharmaceutical processes. The portable design allows for complete flexibility as it can be easily moved by one person to achieve Clean In Place (CIP) operation.

Despite its small form-factor and easy portability, the M-LINE offers cleaning pressures of up to 70 bar (1015 PSI) for more effective cleaning and much quicker cycles. The use of quick lock connectors provides the ability to quickly and easily switch out different hydrokinetic lances.

Advanced design elements result in water use of only 40 litres/min at maximum pressure, giving you outstanding cleaning results with a large reduction in water use compared to manual and low pressure alternative.

Fully FDA and GMP compliant, M-LINE is able to print hard copy batch reports or export them via USB. It’s Siemens digital touchscreen HMI allows operators to select functions quickly and easily.


  • Top cleaning results using only 40 litres/minute
  • Up to 70 bar pressure for shorter cleaning cycles
  • Fully FDA/GMP compliant
  • Completely portable, able to moved easily by one operator
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications, including CIP and COP