Photobioreactor for plant growth

SSL (Solid state lamps) plant light has unique and useful characteristics for plant growth applications. A photobioreactor with SSL light is especially suitable for plant growth applications in the laboratory scale and all photosynthesizing commercial organisms such as algae and bacteria.

Economical set-up for cultivating photosynthesizing organisms

Using Solid state lamps (SSL), Getinge Applikon has developed a light panel that can be used as add-on modules that are compatible with standard stirred tank and single-use bioreactors from Getinge Applikon. This Photobioreactor for Plant Growth, offers maximum flexibility and economical set-up for the cultivation of photosynthesizing organisms. The volume range covers 3 liters up to 20 liters autoclavable stirred tank bioreactors and 10 up to 50 litters single use bioreactors.


  • Long lifetime (50000 h) & good lumen maintenance
  • Low voltage operation having more than 90% efficiency with no EMI radiation
  • Great performance in cold environments
  • Environment-friendly and Shock / vibration resistant
  • Ideal for plant growth, to achieve better efficiency in the response of plants