Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Sufficient oxygen is critical to the success of processes like cell culture and fermentation, in order to support cell growth. Measuring oxygen online provides concurrent control and can signal alarms and automatically trigger remedial action. Polarographic sensors using special electrodes need polarization at least for several hours.

Optical Technology for Determining Oxygen Concentration Levels

Getinge Applikon’s Lumisens Sensors avoid these project delays because they use optical technology that is ready right away. This method takes accurate measurements even at low oxygen concentration levels, where polarographic sensors may be less accurate.

Lumisens optical sensors for the Getinge Applikon bioreactor range are suitable for 250mm to 3,000mm total volumes. Bespoke technology separates the glass sensor from the electronics, promoting long sensor life despite repeated sterilizations. Strong magnets accurately position the components together,

These optical sensors measure the phase shift between excitation and emission, which directly relates to partial oxygen pressure. This assures precision, reliability, low cross-sensitivity, and fast response to red light excitation.


  • No time-consuming polarization before use
  • Accurate measurement in low-oxygen range
  • Long sensor life despite repeated sterilizations
  • Suitable for mini bioreactors, two, three and five-litre autoclave