During the initial stages of scale-up, researchers often have limited data available with which they must decide on what to do next. High throughput, informative and predictive tools are necessary to cope with the number of cultures that must be done early on.

Cultivation in microtiter plates

The Micro-Flask system by Getinge Applikon, is a simple and powerful set of tools for improving the quality of experiments performed in micro-titer plates. Using a unique “sandwich cover” plate closure, it is possible to eliminate well-to-well variability in flasks, dramatically improve gas transfer in cultures, and achieve outstanding results from high-throughput experimentation.

The Micro bioreactor ensures that every microtiter plate is exposed to identical culture conditions. In addition to preventing cross-contamination during vigorous shaking, the sandwich covers also provide uniform diffusion paths for each well, virtually eliminating well-to-well variability.


  • An easy-to-use system for the rapid handling strains/clonal libraries, mutant banks, and cell lines in 96, 24-, or 6 well microtiter plates
  • Up to 10X faster screening campaigns versus traditional handling methods
  • Shake-flask equivalent cultivation in terms of oxygen transfer rates and reproducibility
  • Elimination of well-to-well variability in microtiter plates
  • Automation friendly plate covers