Lab scale Bioreactor controller

Success with bioprocesses is all about controlling the environmental conditions controls so you can replicate processes consistently. Good insight and easy adjustment of pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Foam/Level and Agitation are crucial for any biopharmaceutical process.

Easy to use control for lab scale operation

The ez2-Control from Getinge Applikon is an easy to use control and measurement system for bioreactors and fermentors. The bioreactor control system offers high accuracy, a good insight and easy adjustment of pH, Temperature, dissolved Oxygen, Foam/Level and Agitation, which are crucial for any biopharmaceutical process.

The colour touch screen interface guides the user through the operation.  The adaptive control features allow the user to focus on the process while the controller keeps tight control on the important process parameters.

The new web-interface for ez2-Control with advanced user management option provides a clear overview of the bioprocess parameters. Also it allows back-ups, copies and predefined settings of configurations to be simply shared via USB.

The ez2-Control can be used to control a large variety of reaction environments: From autoclavable bioreactors, steam in place bioreactors, to Appliflex single use bioreactors, milipore Cell Ready single use bioreactors or HyClone SUB bioreactors.


  • Adaptive PID control guarantees the most accurate control of your process parameters, preventing errors
  • User definable control loop configuration offers a unique flexibility in adding other sensors to your process
  • Define, store, copy and reload process configurations to reduce your experiment set up time
  • Can be used with classic and with fluorophore sensors (pH and oxygen), biomass sensors for measurement and control to maximize process information
  • Due to the GAMP compliant development documentation, the system can be used in validated processes