In-line bag inspector and seal checker

A closed and properly sealed package protects the product from breaking, drying out, and deteriorating. To guarantee a reliable and safe product for the consumer, the packaging process has to be perfect. In case of (micro) leaks in the packaging, faulty products should be detected and removed before they leave the production facility. Random sample taking doesn’t guarantee the quality of all bags.

Leak detection for air-filled bags

The Bag Inspector of Jongerius Hanco can be connected directly to the Bagmaker to measure and check the bags to detect possible leaks in the seal or package. All packages are checked individually, and faulty products are rejected. The Bag Inspector also reconditions bags, rejects bags with a too high or too low air fill, and detects double, empty, and non-synchronized bags.

Jongerius Hanco offers two kinds of inspectors. The Bag Inspector 2.0 handles regular bags with standard size’s where the Bag Inspector 3.0 can handle bigger bags because of its increased dimensions. Both can handle up to 140 products per minute.


  • In-line quality control
  • Perfect packed product leaving the facility
  • Less complains and returned products