IBC bin washer and dryer

Many pharmaceutical processes use IBCs of multiple sizes throughout production. Careful washing and cleaning of intermediate bulk containers is a vital part of high quality pharmaceutical operations. By adopting a self-contained high pressure cleaning solution that easily adapts to a wide range of sizes and shapes of IBC cleaning cycle times and water use can be greatly reduced, while cleaning quality can be enhanced.

Complete cleaning and drying solution for pharmaceutical IBCs

The C-LINE High Pressure Bin Washer from IWT Pharma is a total cleaning solution that has been designed specifically for the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.  Fully GMP and FDA compliant, C-LINE washers offer full batch reporting, with data transfer via USB and/or the integrated printer. An easy-to-use Siemens touch screen HMI allows for quick and simple option selection, providing complete control of the cleaning process including temperature, water type, detergent options, and more.

Extremely high pressures can be achieved up to 70 bar (1015 PSI) which provides superb cleaning results while using only 40 litres of water per minute. As well as reducing water consumption, the high pressure cleaning system reduces cleaning cycle times significantly.

Thorough load drying is achieved by the high efficiency hot air handling unit with HEPA filtration, removing water residues and preventing microbiological growth.

Flexibility is key, and the C-LINE allows for the complete internal and external cleaning of IBCs of a wide range of sizes and shapes. Additional utility is provided by external quick lock connectors, allowing for the attachment of supplementary washing devices. A fully modular design allows for the cleaning chamber to be placed in sensitive or classified areas, while all technical components can be located remotely.


  • Highest quality cleaning of IBCs using only 40 l/min water consumption
  • Single unit is able to be used with a wide range of IBCs
  • Flexible options include double doors for pass-through operations and air cooling
  • Vastly reduce cleaning cycle times
  • Fully FDA and GMP compliant with digital and hard copy batch reporting