Hygienic cooling tunnel for chocolates

Variable, precision cooling of a wide range of chocolate, chocolate-coated and creme products designed to be reliable, easy to clean and maintain, and flexible to your requirements.

Flexible, high-performance chocolate cooling with hygienic design

Aasteds Nielsen cooling tunnels are designed to deliver high performance cooling whilst maximizing line uptime by being easy to clean and maintain. The tunnel can be lifted from either side for optimum flexibility and rises using high quality lift struts. Air guide plates are easy to access, and can easily be completely removed for thorough cleaning. Cabling is routed in open mesh trays to maximize access for maintenance, and blower motors mount to hinged panels making it easy to perform cleaning and maintenance on the blower and cooler units.

For maximum flexibility, the cooling tunnel can be extended by adding additional units to create the required cooling length, and features standard band widths from 220mm to 1500mm. The Aasteds Nielsen cooling tunnel is fitted with a large belt loop for increased performance and reliability.


  • Easy to maintain the highest levels of hygiene
  • Designed with ease of access to reduce line downtime due to cleaning or servicing
  • Direct, Indirect or Combined cooling methods available to suit all product types, with 3.2m/sec max airspeed available
  • Flexibility to add additional tunnel sections for all cooling requirements