High speed chocolate depositor

Do you need to be able to handle a wide variety of  product – for mouldings, long-fill, caramels, inclusions, fats, chips and more – at high speeds and volumes, yet without sacrificing product quality? Traditional depositors have sacrificed accuracy and quality as they offer higher speeds and volumes. You need a modern high-speed chocolate depositor that can handle any mass you need whilst delivering perfect results every time.

High speed, high volume, high accuracy chocolate depositor

The SE14 has brought modern design concepts to higher volume chocolate production. Without compromising on speed, flexibility and quality, Aasted has designed the SE14 to be light, agile and easy to clean and operate as well as consuming less power.

The SE14 is able to handle inclusions as large as 30mm, opening up whole new opportunities for product recipes. Operating at 40 strokes per minute, the SE14 brings high speed without any compromise in accuracy or quality. A maximum capacity of 12,000kg per hour means more product, more quickly.

Built with renowned Aasted quality, the SE14 can handle anything you need it to – caramel, FrozenCone cold-press, solid moulding, multi-colour, one-shot, inclusions, chips, fat-fillings – with a design that makes cleaning in place easier than ever.

Options are available to increase flexibility even further, such as multi-hoppers, oscillating hoppers and built-in mould lifting. For use in environments that demand total flexibility, the E14 is now available in a C-frame option that can be moved with ease.



  • High speeds and high volumes with no compromise on quality and accuracy
  • Lighter in weight for easier handling and reduced energy consumption, saving costs
  • Now handles large inclusion up to 30mm for exciting product recipe options
  • Detachable hoppers and deposit parts reduce prep time between shift or product changes