High-speed bouillon cubes press

When producing large volume of bouillon cubes or tablets, it is vital to operate at a rapid pace whilst making sure the ingredients are accurately shaped into a cube or tablet form. Moreover, the weight and height of the bouillon or a tablet must be easily adjustable to ensure efficient wrapping and production.

Single punch press for bouillon cubes and tablets

The Bouillon Cube and Tablet Press BR680 from Eurotab Bonals is a high-speed pressing system that features a single punch technology with a compression plate specifically designed for bouillon cubes. The system is easy to operate using a touch panel for controls and adjustments to the weight and height of the cube. The system’s turrets are fully accessible for easy maintenance. Cube or tablet length and width ranges from 13.5mm to 35mm, and can be from 6mm to 20mm thick.

The machine can produce 1,600 tablets per minute or 2,400 bouillon cubes per minute.


  • Easy adjustment of product weight and height
  • Easy operation
  • Accessible turrets for easy cleaning
  • Matching all wrapper speeds
  • Up to 1600 tablets and 2400 cubes per minutes