High capacity cooling tunnel for chocolates

Do you need the highest quality from your high volume line? 24/7 running means some lines can suffer from reduced quality due to less effective cooling. Standard cooling tunnels designed for medium scale production can result in reduced gloss and a less than optimum taste and break. This tailor-made high volume cooling tunnel for chocolates results in the best quality possible.

High performance cooling for high volume, high quality chocolate production

Aasteds Nielsen cooling tunnels are designed to deliver high performance cooling whilst maximizing line uptime by being easy to clean and maintain. Despite its capacity the Aasted Nielsen XXL allows for lifting from either side for optimum flexibility. Air guide plates are easy to access, and can easily be completely removed for thorough cleaning. The cooling compressor housing has also been designed for simple cleaning.

The XXL is available as standard with direct cooling, indirect cooling or combination. Heavy duty insulated design and airflow technology ensures even temperatures across the entire width for consistent results.

Featuring FDA-approved plastic conveyor bands for reliability, the XXL is built for the most demanding production environments and produces the highest quality for large volume lines.


  • Easy to maintain the highest levels of hygiene
  • Designed with ease of access to reduce line downtime due to cleaning or servicing
  • Direct, Indirect or Combined cooling methods available to suit all product types, with 3.2m/sec max airspeed available
  • Flexibility to add additional tunnel sections for all cooling requirements