Gravity loader for biscuits

Vertically stacking biscuits for wrapping is a common method used for smaller quantities or for a high-quality product. Traditional gravity staking systems can be unsuitable for some biscuit products due to the limitations of their design. A modern, fully adjustable gravity load system will not only allow gentle handling of biscuits and similar products but also facilitate quick and easy changeover, allowing the stacking of a range of product types with just one loading solution.

Vertical stack loader for biscuit wrapping

The PGL Gravity Loader from FourPack is a fully-adjustable upstream stacking solution for biscuit wrapping machines.

The PGL’s product guides are made from 304 stainless steel and are fully adjustable to suit the exact shape of each product. For product changeover, the guides have a precise adjustment device to manage different biscuit thicknesses.

Each guide feeds a magazine by gravity. The infeed conveyor pusher takes one biscuit at a time. The number of sequential magazines dictates the final stack and therefore portion size.

The gentle fall height means the PGL is suitable for even the highest quality or most delicate biscuit products that require vertical stack wrapping.


  • A highly flexible solution, quickly adjustable for multiple products
  • All-stainless guides and magazines for low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Lower cost alternative to mechanical stacking options with gentle handling
  • Change portion size simply by adding/removing magazines