GMP chamber washer

The thorough cleaning of small product contact parts has always been challenging, and traditional manual cleaning can result in less than optimal results. The additional risks of exposure of operators to residual APIs, hot water,and cleaning chemicals has meant increased health and safety risk and extended cleaning times. A dedicated, self-contained automatic parts washer reduces risks, decreases cleaning cycle times and improves cleaning performance.

Highly efficient COP part washer for pharmaceutical machinery

The IWT Pharma Part washer 200 series has been developed to meet the highest cleaning standards for use in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been engineered to exceed all major industry standards, including GAMP5, cGMP, ASME-BPE, ISPE baseline, and FDA (including 21CFR part 11).

The flexibility of the 200 Series Contact Part Washer means that items of various sizes, shapes, and construction materials can be processed by the same unit. Custom-engineered loading baskets tailored to your exact requirements means you achieve the best efficiency and highest throughput for your requirements.

200 Series is available with chamber sizes of 500, 1000 and 1400 litres to meet your needs, and can store up to 30 fully customizable washing programmes that allow you to specify every parameter including water type, temperature, detergent application, rinsing, and more.

Cross-contamination measures are highly robust, and include interlocking doors and bio-seal separation features to ensure complete separation of cleaned parts from incoming soiled items. Full batch reporting is available electronically via USB download and/or via hard copy from the built in printer. Siemens colour touch screen HMI makes operation and monitoring of cleaning cycles simple and reduces operator workload.

Baskets are easy to connect thanks to a patented quick lock system with inflatable gaskets, making for quick loading and unloading. With up to 3 different water feeds and a compact footprint, the 200 Series offers reduced handling, increased operator safety, and a reduction in operating costs while maintaining industry-leading cleaning performance.


  • Range of chamber sizes to suit your requirements
  • 30 customized washing programmes offering complete control
  • Custom-designed loading baskets to maximise efficiency and throughput
  • Enhanced cross-contamination prevention systems
  • Full FDA and GMP compliance