Flow wrap machine for biscuits

Horizontal flow wrapping is a proven solution for wrapping biscuits and similar bakery products. However, traditional flow wrap machines can be slow, unsuitable for fragile products, and only offer hot sealing. A fully-customisable, high-speed, bakery-specific flow wrap solution can meet the exact needs of your product while increasing throughput and maintaining product quality.

Fully customisable flow-wrap solution for biscuit production

The PFW 500 from FourPack has been designed to offer a bespoke bakery flow wrap solution at off-the-shelf price levels.

Ability to integrate with several automatic feeding options means the PFW 500 can be placed into almost any existing lines.

Depending on the product type and size, the PFW 500 can output up to 1000 products per minute, using either hot or cold sealing film to best suit your exact needs.

Almost all other aspects of the PFW 500 can be customised, including gravity input feed or loading, product stacking, multi-belt feeding, and more.

Robust steel-frame construction ensures long life while granting easy access for maintenance, cleaning and changeover.


  • Fully customisable flow-wrap solution for your biscuit line’s exact needs
  • Can operate with hot or cold seal films
  • Up to 1000 units per minute throughput for highest speed production
  • Drop-in solution for any production line