Extruder for bakery masses

Are you looking to produce the widest range of extruded/deposited products possible, but don’t want to compromise on quality and flexibility? Traditional solutions been designed to produce excellent results with a narrow range of masses. The compromise for this has been lack of flexibility, meaning a lower rate of return on investment for a “one trick” solution. The latest flexible solutions are able to offer outstanding results across a wide range of masses with the widest range of extrusion and depositing actions.

Fully modular extruder and depositor for handling the widest variety of masses with the highest quality

Designed around maximum flexibility and value, the Aasted Alice delivers outstanding results with the widest variety of masses.

The Alice head can be manually adjusted, automated on vertical movement, or fully automated horizontally and vertically. Single, double or triple head options mean the creation of products with up to three different masses.

To minimize downtime for maintenance, cleaning or product changeover Alice features easy removal of the entire deposit unit to allow offline hose down. All parts have been specifically designed to be lightweight, easy to release and easy to handle to maximize your efficiency. Inline cleaning is also possible with specialist tools available for the purpose if required.

Aasted QuickShift tools provide the ability for Alice to produce an astonishing range of products with simple changeover. Options include one-shot, two-colour extrusion and wire cutting, wire cutting for large inclusions, sequence depositing, depositing with pivot and more. In addition a completely customized tool option is available to fit your exact requirements.


  • Total accuracy and control ensures the highest quality end results
  • Wide range of extrusion and deposit options and mass types means this is one machine that can do it all - great value for money
  • QuickShift tool sets and completely removable extrusion/deposit unit means changeover and cleaning downtime is minimized, increasing your line efficiency
  • Adaptable to your needs - add additional heads later up to triple-head option as your product range develops