Energy saving chocolate tempering machine

Do you need to lower your energy consumption due to either rising power costs or increasing environmental targets, or both? Now there is a chocolate tempering machine that can delivery the best possible quality whilst at the same time delivering drastic energy savings.

Next-generation tempering solution results in better chocolate with up to 80% energy savings

Aasted SuperNova Energy produces the highest possible quality giving product superior consistency, look and break by using a new tempering system.

Only 33% of the mass is crystallised in the SuperNova Energy, which increases the crystallisation time by up to 10 times compared to a traditional temper machine. This delivers a superior product with smaller crystals and a much higher melting point.

The by-pass concept also delivers significant energy and therefore cost savings. Water and power consumption are reduced by as much as 80% compared to a traditional temper machine of equivalent throughput.

Basic, Pre-Heat and CTS modules are available to suit your existing production setup allowing for direct replacement.


  • Immediate cost reduction compared to traditional temper machines
  • Immediate quality improvement - better mouthfeel and longer shelf life
  • Assists you in achieving your environmental and/or energy reduction targets
  • Modules available to suit your existing setup for ease of upgrade