Energy efficient chocolate enrober

Do you need to reduce your energy costs and environmental impact, but need to maintain the highest quality of enrobing? Traditional enrobing machines that handle tempered chocolate mass are energy hungry, as standard designs sacrifice efficiency to maintain product quality. The latest energy-saving enrobers reverse this trend, offering the highest quality end-result with significant running cost savings.

Best quality enrobing with less investment and lower running costs

Aasted Energy uses a revolutionary new concept of taking tempered chocolate mass straight from your temper machine and directly injecting it to the consumption flow.

This means that the quality and consistency of the mass is maintained all the way to delivery, and allows your temper index and temperature to remain constant throughout the whole process. This reduces energy costs whilst giving the highest possible quality result. The Nielsen Energy is so efficient, that when combined with a SuperNova Energy tempering machine your energy costs can be reduced by up to 66%.

By keeping the chocolate mass 1 degree C higher than traditional enrobers the Energy ensures a more liquid chocolate mass with far fewer air bubbles. Like all other Aasted enrobers, the Energy is constructed of hygienic stainless steel and is easily accessible for cleaning, product changeover and maintenance.

For large scale 24/7 production the Energy is also available in an XXL version. Energy is available in band widths from 420mmm to 2,600mm to suit any production requirement.



  • Combined with a Nielsen energy efficient temper machine, this enrobing solution can save up to 2/3 on energy consumption compared to traditional enrobers
  • Direct injection technology ensures maximum chocolate mass quality, with enhanced quality of fat crystals and better homogeneity for outstanding end-product results with better gloss, more uniform thickness
  • Requires a smaller temper machine thanks to direct injection resulting in a lower cost enrobing solution
  • Very easy to clean, maintain and prepare for product changeover, maximising uptime and line efficiency