Economic C-frame chocolate depositor

Are you losing time and money in downtime on your multi-product line? Traditional depositors can require long change-over times between recipes or cleaning and can reduce your production capacity. You need a machine that can handle all your product requirements but that’s been designed from the outset for simple changeover and easy handling.

Versatile depositor makes frequent production changeovers and daily cleaning simple

The EP2 C-Frame is a highly versatile depositor that can handle a wide range of production processes and masses including solid moulding, FrozenCone, caramel, masses with inclusions, chips, fat-fillings, one-shot and multi-shot.

To increase flexibility even further, optional components include single, double or triple hoppers. Hoppers can be specified with oscillating movement during deposit, and mould-lifting can be built in if required.

Available with a choice of slider feet or transport wheels, the Aasted EP2 C-Frame is easy to move to and from the line for cleaning, maintenance or product change, maximising up-time.

The EP2 has a maximum capacity of 3,000kg per hour and operates at 20 strokes per minute, offering you the perfect compromise between performance and flexibility.


  • Maximise uptime - quick and easy to move, to clean and to change product
  • Handles a wide variety of masses for maximum efficiency
  • Multi-hopper and oscillating hopper options mean you can do more
  • Precision built by Aasted - 80- years experience in manufacturing depositors