Dissolved Oxygen sensor

The vast majority of all biotechnological processes are aerobic, where a microorganism or cell responds to the liquid phase oxygen concentration in regulating its overall metabolism. Knowing the exact oxygen content in the working atmosphere is critical for your process.

DO2 Sensor optimized for bioprocesses

The Dissolved Oxygen sensor is a measuring device that informs about the dissolved oxygen in biotechnology processes, which is a basis for process optimization and control.

The AppliSens Low-Drift DO2 sensor from Getinge Applikon is specifically designed for long-term, stable, and accurate measurements in bioprocesses, such as fermentation and cell culture applications. Designed to withstand repeated sterilizations without failure.

The DO2 sensor has a titanium membrane module to minimize the measurement drift, and the available autoclave polarization module allows you to reduce start-up time for your cultures.


  • The sensor is constructed using FDA approved materials
  • Cable connector, identical to the one as with the pH sensor
  • Low flow dependency & good response time
  • High mechanical strength
  • Maintenance free operation over several months