Depositor for caramel, jam and toffee

Do you have a multi product line that you wish could handle high and low viscosity masses with just one depositor? A flexible multi-purpose depositor designed to handle a wide range of viscous mass will increase production volumes and reduce costs.

Dynamic depositor for caramels, jams and toffees that adapts to your needs

The Aasted ETX is a centre depositor designed specifically to handle difficult high viscosity masses including caramels, toffee and “dry/viscous” chocolate. It’s also able to deposit chocolate chips with speed and accuracy.

Flexible design means lighter liquids like jams and liqueurs can be handled equally well.

Fully tailored to your requirements, the Aasted ETX can be fitted with either a booster or a traditional stirrer, and options include built-in mould lifting or oscillating hopper movements during deposit.


  • 10,000kg/hour and 45 strokes per minute for high volume throughput
  • Fully flexible options to fit to your requirements
  • Able to handle chips, high viscous mass and liquids