Continuous chocolate enrober

Do you need a large-scale 24/7 multi-product operation continuous chocolate enrober? Traditional high volume enrobers are cumbersome and time-consuming for shifting production, recipe change, and cleaning. This downtime impacts your efficiency. The latest design of high-capacity enrobers has an entirely removable bottom section, massively reducing changeover and cleaning times while having the flexibility to handle any enrobing requirements with the highest quality.

Provides all enrobing options 24/7 with large volumes and great flexibility

The Nielsen Master from Aasted is a complete enrobing solution for larger-scale production environments. Available in belt widths from 850mm to 2600mm, it is suitable for a wide variety of lines and products.

Superbly flexible, the Master features a completely removable bottom section which allows for a speedy changeover of enrobing materials, which will enable you to operate a multi-product line with minimal downtime.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the Master is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

For the ultimate in high volume high-speed production, choose the Master XXL version. Featuring two layers of enrobing, two bottoming systems, and two blowing systems, the Master XXL is designed for 24/7 high-speed production while maintaining the highest quality.


  • Quick turnaround of enrobing materials reduces costs and downtime, increasing throughput
  • Closed water system with built-in heat exchanger provides precision temperature control and provides consistent superior product quality
  • Wide range of auxiliary options allows deep integration with existing and new lines
  • 24/7 operating capability and high reliability