Complete bioreactor system

An autoclavable bioreactor establishes special conditions for a variety of applications, for example yeast and microbial cultivation. These conditions may include particular high and low pressures, and temperatures without which a particular chemical reaction or biological event cannot occur.

A Bundled Reactor for Yeast, Microbial and Mammalian Cell Cultivations

An EZ2 control bundle from Getinge Applikon is a complete bioreactor system containing everything needed to facilitate bioprocesses. The equipment is easy to set up, does not require special tools or skills, and is easy to learn to operate. Software for data acquisition is included.

Typical projects could include yeast and microbial culture, and also mammalian cultivation including suspension and anchorage-dependent cells. Continuous perfusion cultures are also a possibility, because everything down to silicon tubing, sample bottles and even spare parts are in the kit.

Getinge Applikon touched on all the details when designing its EZ2 system. The quiet agitation motor will hardly be noticed in a busy laboratory, while the sophisticated controller is simple to use thanks to an integrated touch screen. A USB port enables software updates without needing a service engineer.

The EZ2 bundled reactor range includes 2, 3, 5, 7, 15, and 20 litre total volume sizes for cell or microbial cultures.


  • Everything that is necessary to start cultivating except the medium
  • Complete bioreactor including silicone tubing, sample bottles and spare parts
  • A single bio bundle facilitates the process according to user requirements