CIP system for bulk tanks

Clean in Place (CIP) technology offers many advantages, but traditional systems are often inflexible. By installing a modular CIP solution which concentrates the core hardware in one location allows for a full clean in place system to be designed to your exact specification, saving time, money and human resource.

Fully customisable high pressure modular clean in place solution

S-LINE from IWT Pharma is a fully modular pharmaceutical industry CIP solution for bulk preparation tanks, blenders, mixers and bulk processing equipment in general. The use of high pressures of up to 70 bar (1015 PSI) not only ensures exceptional cleaning performance but also reduces the amount of water and detergents used.

The S-LINE system uses a “single pass” washing principle. This means that no water is reused in the system, removing cross-contamination risk. Despite this, advanced high pressure technology means flow rates are only 40 litres per minute.

S-LINE provides the core equipment required for a complete CIP solution. This core module can be located at a convenient central location. Your requirements for each end effector are then designed to ensure a perfect fit with your existing production environment, and the means to easily expand and change with you.

Additional modules can be specified to provide additional functions to your specifications, including air handling units with full HEPA filtration for effective drying, a tube bundle heat exchanger for water heating, and a fully-automated chemical dosing system.


  • Core hardware of a fully customised CIP solution for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Built-in easy-to-use touchscreen HMI with data logging and printing
  • Full FDA and GMP compliance
  • End effectors designed to your exact requirements
  • Ability to add drying and chemical dosing systems, all delivered from central unit