Chocolate tempering machine

If your existing traditional chocolate tempering machines are costing money in increased energy costs and require frequent monitoring to ensure consistent quality, the latest developments in temper technology will save you money and improve your chocolate product.

Next-generation tempering solution offers high quality performance with reduced costs

Aasted SuperNova temper machines have been designed to offer the highest quality in an easy-to-maintain and flexible package that fits your needs. SuperNova can handle any tempering requirements at any scale.

Basic, Pre-Heat and CTS modules are available to suit your existing production setup allowing for direct replacement. A heavy duty version is available with components specifically designed to last when tackling heavy masses such as nougat and other high viscosity masses in a high volume situation.

High quality materials and engineering throughout the range and easy access to all serviceable parts, mean high uptime and performance levels where you need them.


  • Lower running costs compared to traditional temper machines
  • Quality improvement thanks to constant recipe technology
  • Modules available to suit your existing setup for ease of upgrade
  • Straightforward touchscreen operation for complete control and monitoring