Chocolate tempering and enrobing machine

Is your current enrobing solution wasting money? Do you need to reduce your running costs and increase your enrobing flexibility without compromising on quality? The latest combined tempering and enrobing machine uses advanced water-free cooling systems allowing for much lower running costs, simpler installation and easier use whilst improving quality.

Cost-reducing all-in-one temper and enrobing solutions for any production line

The Aasted Nielsen Tempa is available in two versions offering you the best choice for your circumstances. The Tempa 420 is a 200kg per hour capacity combined enrober and temper unit. It’s mounted on a wheeled chassis for complete flexibility. The Tempa 200 is the standalone temper unit as featured in the 420. Featuring a 200kg/hour capacity and wheeled base it’s ideal for testing or product design use or as a production temper machine.

Aasted Nielsen Tempa is constructed in hygienic stainless steel and is simple to clean and maintain thanks to it’s completely mobile design.


  • All in one enrober/temper for maximum portability and flexibility in any production situation
  • Offered as a standalone temper unit ideal for lab work, product design or production deployment - great value
  • Water-free cooling system - deploy in any existing line or to new production lines with minimal overhead
  • Nielsen quality design means simple to operate, highest quality results and consistent reliability