Chocolate temper meter

To maintain and improve the quality of your chocolate production, you need a chocolate temper meter for accurate and quick readings of the temper curve and temper index in a portable and easy-to-use unit.

Fast, accurate measurements of tempered chocolate quality

With an easy-to-read 5″ color display, the ChocoMeter from Aasted makes analyzing the quality of your tempered chocolate quick and straightforward. This compact unit and its operating system have been designed in consultation with the chocolate industry to provide all the information you need to maintain the highest quality levels.

Offering maximum flexibility, the ChocoMeter has a built-in printer to provide hard copies of your temper curves instantly. Additionally, you can download the data directly to any Microsoft Office app with no additional software required.

Designed to be used by non-technical staff, the unit includes a built-in operating guide with graphical step-by-step instructions. The built-in electronic cooling element delivers rapid results, and the unit displays graphic temper curves, tangents, reference curves, and more.


  • Easy to use, full graphical display with built in printer
  • USB connected to export all data to laptop without additional software
  • Compact and lightweight (8.3kg) for maximum portability
  • Comprehensive package - includes locking transport case, test cups, paper rolls, probe calibration lid and CD Rom with full manual and quality certificate