Chocolate enrober with minimum changeover time

Is the efficiency of your high-volume, 24/7 multi-product line being impacted by the long changeover times and manpower requirements of your traditional enrober? Modern flexible lines require modern flexible solutions, and the latest enrobers incorporate quick changeover designs to maximise your up-time.

Cost-saving flexible enrober with rapid changeover – designed for flexible high volume production lines

The Nielsen Junior is a flexible enrober that’s been designed from the start to be a cost-saving addition to high capacity production lines. Rapid changeover between enrobing materials is now possible thanks to a completely detachable lower section, vastly reducing the downtime associated with product changeover.

Advanced design means that the unit operates with a minimal water consumption and yet delivers completely uniform coatings to any type of product. All stainless steel construction and ease of access means the Nielsen Junior is quick and straightforward to clean and to maintain.

With full 24/7 production capability the Junior is available in belt widths from 420mm to 1020mm and has a wide range of auxiliary equipment options, including a bypass solution for ultimate flexibility.


  • Save costs with reduced changeover time, minimal water consumption and full 24/7 production capability
  • Advanced closed water system offers supremely accurate temperature control for perfect product quality
  • Handles chocolate, compound and sugar materials as needed
  • Lifting option allows for bypass, or can be mounted on wheels or rails for complete removal - ideal addition to your modern multi-product lines