Chocolate analyzer

When designing new lines or new product – or looking for improvements in existing ones – testing the impact of cooling on chocolate quality with traditional methods is costly and time-consuming. You can now simulate your line’s cooling tunnel and it’s impact on the product as well as a full range of chocolate quality tests. This chocolate analyzer will take your production to the next level.

Simulate your production line to help improve or maintain your chocolate quality

The ChocoAnalyzer from Aasted provides you with invaluable data to be able to adjust your tempering machines and cooling tunnels to gain maximum contraction. More than just a quality assurance tool, the ChocoAnalyzer gives you the information you need to improve existing production and research new lines.

Developed by Aasted in collaboration with leading scientists from AAK, the ChocoAnalyzer allows you to investigate the difference in tempering quality on various equipment, measure how fillings expand or contract in relation to the chocolate and simulate your cooling tunnel process so see its effects on contraction profile.

The ChocoAnalyzer offers many more measurements and testing possibilities than a standard tempermeter, and has a bespoke sample reactor with brand new probe designs to deliver the most precise results currently available.  The built in printer can quickly produce hard copy of test results and data can easily be exported by USB or ethernet as csv files. The unit has been designed to be easy to use, with a familiar “app” style interface designed for use by non-technical staff.


  • Enables highly accurate quality assurance of your chocolate product
  • Simulate your line to investigate improvements to temper, or experiment with new product
  • Measure crystal melting point, contraction and temper curves and index with one unit
  • Easy to use "app" style interface on large colour screen means simple to operate for non-technical staff