C-frame extruder for bakery masses

If you want to produce the highest quality product using more delicate masses, traditional depositors can be too aggressive and overwork the mass. You need a machine that’s been designed specifically for lower scale higher quality work with gentle handling.

Plug-and-play C-Frame depositor and extruder for small volume production

The Aasted Alice is an innovation breakthrough for small volume production of high quality confectionary. Able to be used as a standalone unit or as part of a more complex enrobing line, the Alice is able to grow and expand with you.

The modular design means you can start simply with a single head extruder, and yet at a later date add further extrusion modules to produce increasingly intricate and exciting product. The large range of die tools provides a large range of possibilities for output.

Designed with delicate masses in mind, the Aasted Alice ensures gentle handling from input to output stage, applying the absolute minimum of work and shear as it passes through the machine.

Alice has been engineered to handle a vast range of masses including nougat, marzipan and almond pastes, peanut butter, aerated fillings, caramels, praline centre masses and much more. With individual temperature control of hopper and dies you can tailor Alice to give perfect results every time.

For hygienic cleaning or production changeover, the Alice is the first extruder depositor that allows complete hosing down off-line. All parts are easy to handle, lightweight and offer quick release/disassembly features that all combine to minimise downtime.


  • Delicate mass handling allows for high levels of product refinement and creativity
  • Add additional extruders later as your products develop
  • Designed from the start to minimise downtime associated with cleaning, product change and maintenance
  • Plug and play solution as a standalone or as part of an enrobing line