Brand protection software

Efficient security systems are desirable to prevent, detect and mitigate the actions of unscrupulous access and manipulations by individuals. It is hence vital to detect and differentiate between original barcodes and reprint versions to mitigate business losses and fraudulent actions.

Product serialization infrastructure

Alpha software developed by Hicof, is an innovative solution to eliminating the risk of ISO barcode reprint and unscrupulous manipulations. It offers the ability to differentiate between original barcodes and reprint versions.

Hicof’s Alpha identifies the tolerances in each printed bar code using its developed Hicof principle. It then creates a unique copy detection key which is stored on the Hicof cloud. This implies that with a smartphone camera, comparative analysis of barcodes and the cloud-based unique identification key is possible.

Alpha offers an integrated brand protection system which is also easily integrated into existing serialization infrastructure. It manages copy detection through a highly protected cloud database. Moreover, it offers a tactical security center that is tasked with obtaining real-time supply chain information to aid seamless business operations.



  • Easy to deploy smartphone app version
  • High-security protection
  • Cloud-based data management
  • Easy interfacing with existing systems
  • Excellent user support infrastructure