Bioreactor software

Comprehensive upstream data acquisition and management are essential in the bioprocessing industry. That’s because you can’t be completely sure which historic information you may need in future. SCADA monitoring systems were not designed for laboratory precision. Research work needs more focussed information.

An Information System for All Stages of Bioreactor Operation

Lucullus PIMS bioreactor software from Getinge Applikon records the entire process from recipe planning through to automatic reporting and modelling. Phases covered between these points include reactor allocation, experiment design, media preparation, media component traceability, data analysis, and data mining.

This all-embracive approach is time-saving because all information is in a central Oracle database. There’s no need to export and import data between systems. Updating is a thing of the past because you always have the latest version at hand. Moreover, the same software produces accurate spreadsheets and graphs.

Advanced software is necessary to convert data from parallel bioreactor systems into useful information. Data management is key to research and process development in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Purposeful data for bioreactor research
  • Simple to work, all on one single database
  • Standalone edition for up to eight 8 bioreactors
  • Standalone also manages one multi-bioreactor
  • Client server and enterprise editions for larger applications