Bioprocess control software

Managing a large number of bioprocesses individually without automation is time-consuming, and there are possibilities of errors. Bioprocess control software moves this activity to the desktop and creates an activity log.

Bioprocess Control Software for R&D Scale Bioreactors

Getinge Applikon’s V-Control bioprocess-control software is a scaled version of Emerson’s proven distributed control system. It simplifies process control, and data upscaling on a single platform. Moreover, organizations already using the DeltaV DCS at production scale have reliable, scaled information that’s easily transferred.

V-Control provides a turnkey solution that customizes to different situations. It has a user-friendly interface, and uses simple technology to minimize upscaling risks. Its easy-going technology and data transfer capabilities may reduce development costs and time-to-market.

This system is therefore ideal for a user wishing to compress start-up time, and work within an optimized DeltaV environment perfected for laboratory bioreactor systems. It is sufficiently flexible to accommodate a wide range of requirements. All hardware and software are pre-configured and ready to switch on.


  • Compatible with DeltaV DCS at production scale
  • Supplied fully configured reducing upfront labour costs
  • Easy process control and data up-scaling on one platform
  • Customizable bioprocessing software shortens project time