Automatic handling line for cookies

Cookies, biscuits and similar products require careful handling from baking to packaging. The latest generation of bakery-specific handling systems can increase production speed while reducing wastage caused by rough handling. They can also increase the efficiency of packing by presenting the products in a more uniform way to your packaging systems.

Modular handling systems designed for delicate biscuits and cookies

The PDS handling system from FourPack is a series of handling systems that have been specifically designed to transport cookies and similar delicate products from oven to packing with high speed.

The components include the PCB conveyor belting system. This has been designed for heavy-duty 24/7 operation and features steel framing with easily removable 304 stainless plates that the PU belt slides over. This makes maintenance and cleaning quick and easy. Belt alignment and centring is controlled and corrected by microswitches, and all rollers feature maintenance-free bearings. Options include retracting belts for product rejection.

The PDB gravity channelling plate is self-centring thanks to its mobile motorised mounting. This compensates automatically for any sliding in the product entry belts. Cookies are fed at a rate determined by the plate’s inclination angle and are deposited on the downstream belt in guides. Each all-304 stainless steel PDB unit is built to your exact specifications to ensure perfect product channelling.

The PNS cookie stacker operates using two or three upstream belts that accelerate the products and provide a continuous flow into the unit. PNS can handle all shapes of cookie, but with round products, it can overlap and stack them directly on the vibrating channels.

Robust construction allows the PNS stacker to operate 24/7 at up to 900 units per minute.


  • High-quality cookie handling units designed specifically for large-scale production
  • All-stainless construction means long life, low maintenance, and easy cleaning
  • Bespoke channelling and feed options to meet your exact product needs
  • Low maintenance designs include maintenance-free bearings and Z-joint belts
  • Designed to run 24/7 at up to 900 units per minute, increasing your output